2016/2017 Council


President <president@nullunbeus.ca>

Name: Daniel He

Degree Program: Electrical Engineering, Third year

Who is Daniel?: Daniel is a third year electrical engineering student at the University of New Brunswick and is originally from Fredericton, NB. Daniel loves working on gender inequality issues with the White Ribbon Campaign and, in his spare time, he enjoys reading the New Yorker, playing the guitar, and playing ultimate frisbee. ELECTROMAGNETISM is Daniel's favourite subject ever (but he also really likes biomedical engineering and  signal processing).

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS President?: Presidential roles include overseeing the operations of the EUS, planning the future of the EUS, planning orientation, and working with the executive and directors to make sure everything is running in tip top shape! Woo!

VP Events <events@nullunbeus.ca>

Name: Patrick Savoie

Degree Program: Electrical Engineering, Third year

Who is Patrick?: Patrick was born and raised in Fredericton, and enjoys music and outdoor activities. Aside from his role as VP Events for the EUS, he's served as events director for the EUS, Junior Fellow and VP School Outreach for Engineers Without Borders, and Engineering Faculty representative for the Student union. He's interested in international development, Electrical Engineering, and social enterprises.

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS VP Events?: To put it simply, my responsibilities include planning our society's events with my team, and ensuring the events run smoothly. 

VP External <external@nullunbeus.ca>

Name: Laura Wishart

Degree Program: Civil Engineering, Third year

Who is Laura?: Laura just spent a summer on co-op in Germany but is happy to be back home in Fredericton! When she isn't living in the EUS office, she enjoys reading, attempting to play Frisbee, being outside, or hanging out at a Pillar Pub.

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS VP External?: VP External is an amazing opportunity to interact with all of the external organizations that the UNB EUS has contact with. This position allows you to travel to multiple conferences, represent UNB to professional engineering organizations, and get to know other engineering students across Canada! The External team also hosts Shadow Day for high school students and sets up a room at the APEGNB Charlotte Street Haunted House each year! 

VP Internal

Name: Justin Collett

Degree Program: Geomatics Engineering, Third year

Who is Justin?: From Brockville Ontario- he loves exploring the outdoors, climbing mountains, photography, and experiencing new things. When indoors he enjoys a good record picking or thrift session, also a good game of hockey or squash. 

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS VP Internal?: Justin likes to think of the position as the glue that keeps the EUS rocking & rolling, whether its a quick doodle poll or... well, that's pretty much it. Jokes aside, he also has the responsibility of working with the yearbook committee to bring you a classic *yet stylish* collection of memories for you to cry over 5 years from now.

VP Communications

Name: Heather Hamilton

Degree Program: Electrical Engineering, Third year

Who is Heather?: Heather is from Fredericton, but had some of her best experiences while working abroad in Germany! Her free time consists of watching V-Reds hockey, playing tackle football, and (of course) Netflix. 

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS VP Communications?: As VP Communications, Heather and her team are responsible for getting the word out about events, opportunities, and general information about the EUS. This includes the posters you see around Head Hall, the Facebook page and website, word of mouth, and any other technique we can think of to keep all engineering students in the know. 

VP Finance

Name: Carly Chiasson

Degree Program: Mechatronics Engineering, Second year

Who is Carly?: Carly loves to try new things and enjoys doing anything outdoors such as running, skiing, hiking, biking, swimming, etc. 

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS VP Finance?: Carly's position is all about balancing the checkbooks and making sure cheques get deposited and written out to people who have made a purchase for an EUS event! This year Carly and one of her directors created a new system that runs the EUS's finances electronically!

VP Academic

Name: Kelsey Cronin-McKenna

Degree Program: Chemical Engineering, Fifth year

Who is Kelsey?: Kelsey is from Calgary, and loves to hike and ski! You can usually find her in the library, at The Cellar, at yoga, or out on the trails. She also love to travel - this summer she'll be hiking the Camino trail through Spain!

What are the responsibilities of being the EUS VP Academic?: Kelsey's role with the EUS is to stay in the know with what's going on within each engineering faculty, and to act as an advocate for student academics. She's also been organizing UNB's first Iron Pin ceremony for first year students!

Senior Advisor

Name: Kate Ridgley

Degree Program: Civil Engineering, Fourth year

Who is Kate?: From Fredericton, New Brunswick, born and raised. Kate grew up just outside the city on a small horse farm. Some sports and hobbies of hers are horse back riding, running, and yoga. She loves to read in her free time (currently reading Book 4 in A Song of Ice & Fire) and she's learning to play the ukulele! Kate's in the last year of her degree at UNB so her main extracurricular is the EUS, which she has been on for 3 years now. With graduation approaching, she is definitely going to miss the involvement and the EUS gang. 

What are the responsibilities of being the Senior Advisor?: Senior Advisor is a new Executive position on the UNB EUS council, Kate was previously the VP Communications (2015-2016) so she applied this year to return for the advisory position. She mainly provides institutional memory and lends a hand and advice when it is needed. Kate is so happy and honoured to be on the team again this year!




Events Directors -  Shall be responsible for the organization and operation of EUS events as designated by the VP Events. Works with the VP Events.

Phoenix Bard-Cavers

Tanya Dhayagude

Raiyan Mostofa

Pouria Amir Poursaeid

Adam Prosser


Promotions Directors - Shall be responsible for the promotion and dissemination of information of EUS events and initiatives. This includes physical and online media as well as any other paraphernalia. The promotions director(s) operate under the supervision and assistance of the VP Communications. 

Kaitlin MacIsaac

Gisele Rudderham

Alexandre Wood-Seems


Outreach Director - Shall be committed to continually seeking out opportunities to help the EUS become more involved in the community and shall seek to ameliorate the reputation of the engineering student body from a community perspective. Works with the VP External.

Leah Edmondson

Philippe Hamel

Kohdy Nicholson


Sponsorship Director - Shall be responsible for securing Sponsorship for the EUS from businesses (local and potentially abroad) during the summer, and shall be responsible for fundraising for local charities on behalf of the EUS during the school year. Works with the VP External.

Amir Eldesoky


Engineering Endowment Fund (EEF) Chair - The role of the EEF Chair is to oversee the operations of the EEF, while abiding by the EEF Constitution. The EEF Chair will meet with the Dean before releasing the results to the student body. The EEF Chair shall operate under the supervision and assistance of the VP Finance.

Hannah Meneley


Sales Director - The role of the Sales Director is to organize and oversee all merchandise and ticket sales conducted by the EUS. The Sales Director shall operate under the supervision and assistance of the VP Finance.

Jacob Smith


Office Director - Works with the VP Internal and is responsible for Coffee Mondays and general office and lounge supplies.

Mona Wankhade


Yearbook Directors - Works with the VP Internal and other Yearbook Directors to create the Iron Pin Yearbook.

Scarlett Taviss

Louise Pickard


Positions Added for 2017/2018 Council

Website Director - Shall be responsible for updating and maintaining the EUS website alongisde the VP Communciations.

UNB Engineering Competition / AEC Qualifier Chair - Shall be responsible for the organization of the UNB Engineering Competition, which will act as the qualifying competition to send competitors to represent UNB at the Atlantic Engineering Competition.